One Daily Habit to help you Market Your Direct Primary Care Practice

If you want to market your direct primary care practice, the best thing to do is to document what you do on a daily basis with pictures and short videos. This is a daily habit that can be very powerful for the growth of your personal brand and your business brand.

This is really important because you build a relationship with your audience, and they get to know and trust you. By seeing you consistently speaking about our sharing about your business or yourself, your audience will slowly get to know who you are. They will create a clear and consistent image of who you are as a person and as a doctor, and what your business offers.

Also, this is absolutely free! It only takes a few minutes of your time to get a photo or a video of you in your office doing what you do on a daily basis. Have your assistant or a physician colleague in your office help you with this. Have them hold your camera or iPhone or smartphone between you and the light source (window) in your office and share what’s going on that day.

You will get so many offers from people trying to help you to market your practice. If you have a smart phone and 30 minutes each day, you can absolutely do this on your own. The more you practice, the better your content will become. The point being, people who offer to shoot a glitzy video for you will charge you $2,000 - $3,000 for the video. AND the end result will not be as powerful as consistently telling your story on your own terms.

If you shoot a video with your smartphone, you can upload the video file directly from your phone to your YouTube Channel in a matter of minutes. You can then copy that YouTube video link and paste it into a blog post (just as I’ve done here) and this creates a loop. If customers find your YouTube Channel, they also find your Blog, and if they find your Blog, they also find your YouTube channel.

Keep it short and simple - address one topic at a time! Do not overwhelm your audience with too much information. If you remove a toenail, share about that one thing. If you lowered the cost of medications, share about that one thing. If you try to do too much in this format, it will be distracting or disorienting for your audience.

Remember, you have the attention of your audience for about 7 seconds or so.

If you want to learn more about this, take our Sales Funnel course where I show you more tips and tricks to grow your audience and get more patients to enroll in your practice.

Thanks for watching and have a great day,

-Dr. Paul Thomas